Strategy, Which is the best strategy for your business?

Companies frequently need to change themselves, in more or less dramatic ways, if change is ambitious we often call it “transformation”. This is a difficult process. Our research shows that even with modest criteria, only about one quarter of transformation succeed.

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High performance teams. How do they work?

In the new liquid reality, where adaptability, flexibility, excellence, high performance teams become critical to survive the organization; ... everything expires at the speed of vertigo, it is essential to combine potentialities. Y ¿Cómo definir los equipos de alto rendimiento? Equipo, conjunto de personas que actúan, trabajan, colaboran entre ellas para la consecución de un [...]

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Business, the great creative force

“Business is driven by competition -the drive to make something more beautiful, more efficient and more appealing than the other guy’s product- and competition produces not just economic progress but also drama. Everybody loves watching somebody pitting themselves against a rival, or against the crowd. … Competition drives companies to innovate, and newness is the [...]

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Value proposition. Identifying the customer

Synopsis: the model "Canvas" is one of the tools for the development of business model. When we are using this model we will need to focus, first and urgently, in identifying the market niche and the value proposition to offer the customer. We will have to contribute with some special value to our costumer. Una [...]

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Big changes. Lidership & coaching.

Synopsis: In a world in a fast and intense change that we are experiencing, rather we might consider it more than an extreme makeover. One of the great needs of companies and the business world is the professional re-adaptation of human resources; we say better people and professionals. It is producing a large gap between [...]

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Procesos integrados, RRHH y coaching integral

Sinopsis: una de las principales dificultades que se encuentran las organizaciones, independientemente de su tamaño, es la integración de todos sus procesos tanto operativos como de apoyo, y como no la relación de estos con la eficiencia de los RRHH.  ¿Cómo puede mejorarse esta integración de procesos? ¿Qué puede aportar el coaching integral? Cuando las [...]

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The end of the era of prototypes and testing.

Time does not run. It flies! Obsolescence is a virtue of our era.  The Industrial Age began to decline for quite some time. The Information Age is our actual reality. However we are still using methodologies of product launch of that heavy and "dirty" age. Nobody think in the final piece, in the different versions [...]

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The personal brand and career success.

The actual world is immersed in a whirlwind. In this chaos of unstructured dynamic of the economic and professional activity,  How can you stand out above our competitors?  How do you impose yourself to this wide range of options? Nowadays it is essential to count on a powerful and special personal brand. So let's make [...]

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Claves de la innovación y el éxito profesional.

Considero que estamos en el momento de la generación de un nuevo escenario socio-económico, y por lo tanto un nuevo escenario profesional. ¿Qué lo caracteriza? Una de sus principales características es el de la mutación de una actividad económica sustentada en la innovación de la gestión de la información a una innovación en la gestión [...]

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Pánico en la toma de la decisión.

¿Preocupado por la decisión tomada? ¿Estás obteniendo los resultados esperados con esa decisión? Sí, pues no te duermas en los laureles, y recuerda la velocidad de caducidad de una innovación en la generación de productos o servicio es el doble que en la generación anterior. Pues a correr, la importancia de la innovación de acuerdo [...]

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