The atlas of economic complexity

In a dwarfed and interconnected world, one of the critical values ​​for the development of business plans is to have valuable and reliable information on the economic situation of the countries. To do this, I provide you with the Harvard Growth Lab link, as a source of relevant information in the business world Harvard [...]

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Brand Image

Brand image? What is that? Let's start by answering What is a brand? A. Según algunas acepciones de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española: f.Señal que se hace o se pone en alguien o algo, para distinguirlos, para denotar calidad o pertenencia. f.Marca de fábrica. f.Firma (razón social).  f.Acción de marcar. f.Instrumento para marcar, especialmente al ganado. f.Señal o huella [...]

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Working in a Team or Teamwork

Working in a Team or Teamwork? Although it seems the same, they are two very different meaning Working as a team is when individual professionals group together to carry out a task, a project together, and circumstantially. Team work, is when a group of professionals work together developing tasks or projects [...]

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Rethink innovation in difficult times

Eradicate Lore, Substitute Logic When it comes time to innovate. Too often, innovation is reduced to a series of brainstorming sessions, where facilitators proclaim things like,               “Hey, there’s no such thing as a bad idea!” Or innovation may be separated from the rest of the enterprise in a special lab or unit, a thin [...]

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