Business Vision as your compass

Vision as your compasss in storm times. When you’ve formulated your point of view with an eye toward the future, it’s the vision that will guide you and your team toward the North Star Una visión clara aporta enfoque y proporciona un punto de anclaje para tomar decisiones estratégicas audaces. La imagen que aparece [...]

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The atlas of economic complexity

In a dwarfed and interconnected world, one of the critical values ​​for the development of business plans is to have valuable and reliable information on the economic situation of the countries. To do this, I provide you with the Harvard Growth Lab link, as a source of relevant information in the business world Harvard [...]

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Brand Image

Brand image? What is that? Let's start by answering What is a brand? A. Según algunas acepciones de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española: f.Señal que se hace o se pone en alguien o algo, para distinguirlos, para denotar calidad o pertenencia. f.Marca de fábrica. f.Firma (razón social).  f.Acción de marcar. f.Instrumento para marcar, especialmente al ganado. f.Señal o huella [...]

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Working in a Team or Teamwork

Working in a Team or Teamwork? Although it seems the same, they are two very different meaning Working as a team is when individual professionals group together to carry out a task, a project together, and circumstantially. Team work, is when a group of professionals work together developing tasks or projects [...]

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Rethink innovation in difficult times

Eradicate Lore, Substitute Logic When it comes time to innovate. Too often, innovation is reduced to a series of brainstorming sessions, where facilitators proclaim things like,               “Hey, there’s no such thing as a bad idea!” Or innovation may be separated from the rest of the enterprise in a special lab or unit, a thin [...]

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