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Because, as you already know, your different parts can only be divided with a handsaw or, if you are in a hurry, with a chainsaw. If you want to be successful getting satisfying results, you cannot afford to forget who you are. This step will allow you to adapt yourself to a new social, economical and human world. All this will happen with creativity, innovation and a strong leadership full of added value. All of which has to be accompanied by an adequate strategy for the present time.


Brand Image

Brand image? What is that?

Let’s start by answering What is a brand?

A. Según algunas acepciones de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española:

  1. f.Señal que se hace o se pone en alguien o algo,
    • para distinguirlos,
    • para denotar calidad o pertenencia.
  2. f.Marca de fábrica.

Rethink innovation in difficult times

Eradicate Lore, Substitute Logic When it comes time to innovate.

Too often, innovation is reduced to a series of brainstorming sessions, where facilitators proclaim things like,

              “Hey, there’s no such thing as a bad idea!”

Or innovation may be separated from the rest of the enterprise in a special lab or unit, a thin effort to quarantine the […]

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Co-creating actions to achieve personal and professional excellence.
In change and transformation processes I use my own methodology, Success Project, which allows to rigorously tackle any presented project.